Meet The Team



Max is our leader... we all look up to him (mainly because at 6'4" it's quite hard not to)

Grew up watching? Test cricket and Dukes of Hazard
Nickname growing up? Unrepeatable
Biggest fashion mistake? Lycra


Nina is generally scary and unapproachable.... not really!

Grew up watching? Thundercats
Guilty pleasure? No pleasure should be guilty
Biggest fashion mistake? Skirts so short my Dad really should not have let me out of the house wearing


John regularly defies the laws of physics by surviving on a diet of wine gums and coffee yet still possessing the strength of three bears.

Guilty please? Too many, not telling you any of them
Grew up watching? Crossroads
Biggest fashion mistake? Tank-tops


Lynette loves an organise and is often physically disturbed at the state of Max Rollitt's desk.


Katy has recently joined our team and is still under surveillance... she appears as butter wouldn't melt but we think she has a wild side!

Grew up watching? Top of the Pops
Nickname growing up? Twiggy
Biggest fashion mistake? Purple flared cords... oh how I loved those trousers!

Young Max

Young Max... not to be confused with Old Max, he's a super skating, carrot eating, fantastic human being.

Grew up watching? Scooby Doo
Guilty pleasure? 80's pop
Biggest fashion mistake? Womens jeans


Jeni is our bookkeeper and has worked for Max Rollitt for a very long time.... it would be interesting to know how many times she has said 'Max, did you get my email?'

Grew up watching? Z Cars
Guilty pleaseure? Obviously chocolate
Nickname growing up? Jeni-wren


Alison Steadman meets Kenneth Williams Rosie has an in depth knowledge of many fine things: art, archeology and the Kardashians.