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Twelve years ago I bought from Harvey Ferry and Willy Clegg, those legendary dealers who ran the country seat, four fantastic Regency monopodea, carved in lime and of the very best quality. They were reminiscent of those wonderful drawings by Thomas Hope. Fantastic they may be, but what could I do with them? In 2006 I visited a country house sale that Sothebys were holding at Shrublands Park, and there I saw a potential solution. Lot 170 was a beautiful illustrated table made up from antique elements at the beginning of the 19th century using a wonderful African marble top. Its base had been painted in simulated porphyryed I was in love, and planning/searching started. I found a wonderful antique mirror plate circa 1820 , cararra marble top and a decorator who had the wit to be able to reproduce the Shrubland porphyry finish. Now several years later it is complete, and this is the result.

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